Colours and Brands!

Hi Tory!

After a good rummage through my makeup, quite a lot of it isn't massively expensive (although the massively expensive ones *are* lovely), so here's a few picks of cheaper brands that are still nice to work with and experiment with:

Good Cheap Brands

  • The Beauty UK palettes are £3.99 for ten lovely shades per palette (I wouldn't bother with the little foam brush it comes with tho... it's not that great. These are from Superdrug.
  • cheaper brands that are still nice to work with and experiment with
  • The Makeup Academy range - again from Superdrug - are just ridiculously brilliant and £1 each, and they also do a slightly more expensive range from £2.00.
  • The Sleek palettes are pretty fab too. They're a bit more expensive (£6.49), but I've seen loads of tutorials that feature the colours and they are gorgeous.

I also mention the Urban Decay Primer Potion which you used to be able to get in Boots, but is available now at Debenhams, although try not to drool on the counter too much when you see all the palettes and colours. ; You can get the Primer Potion in different colours, but mine is the generic one. :)

Onwards to Part 3 soon!

Hugs and kisses,


  1. I LURV Mac - or at least the few items I have from their range (powder foundation base, blushers, etc.)

  2. It is very difficult for me to pass by MAC without at least pressing my nose up against the window...


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