Private View and a Pause

Hi Tory,

No blog posts from me, as I've got a private view and show coming up from this weekend as part of the Adur Arts Trail, so it's full tilt boogie in the studio getting all the last minute artwork done, labels printed, and pieces hung. It's all go around here!

I will be back from June 11th tho with a bumper crop of videos and posts, so enjoy what you're doing, and I'll see you all then! xx

Hugs and kisses,


April/May Annie Haul!

Hi Tory,

It's time for a mini haul - and this time I thought I'd do it in a pictorial style with some quick notes and links - enjoy!

This is a before shot to show you the condition that some of the half-price, damaged palettes were in when I bought them... applied the surgical spirit trick and got myself several bargains. (Yes, some of the shadows are missing - but half price is half price!)

Here's the after shot of the MUA Professional Palette in Starry Night, Sleek i-Divine Palettes in 658 Oh So Special, and 596 Bad Girl. All half price!

Two Collection 2000 Eye Definer Lasting Colour wands in Black and Brown - both are fantastic for tight lining and waterlining as they go on smoothly and don't shift, smudge, smear or dissolve.

I'm a sucker for gel liners, particularly coloured ones, as you can do some really outstanding smoky eye work using a gel liner as a base, so I was pleased to find that Collection 2000 have started doing ones in gold and this gorgeous teal - expect some tutorials!

I also FINALLY succumbed to e.l.f. and got the medium and the dark Complete Coverage Concealer sets, the Professional Blending Eye Brush, and the Professional Smudge Eye Sponge (plus a Daler Rowney art brush for some push eyeliner work - another tutorial to follow...!).

And finally... I've decided to go back to purple with my hair again, so I got a streaking kit from Superdrug. After two weeks of persistent health issues, I figured it was groovy cheering up time. Yay!

Hugs and kisses,


CasART Fashion Show, Brighton

Hi Tory,

Last week, I was extremely honoured and privileged to work as the primary makeup artist for the CasART Red Rock to Royal Pavilion charity fashion show at The Old Market in Hove. Five hours' of makeup, hair, dressing and encouragement were worth the gorgeous smiles in the picture above!

CasART is a group of self-supporting artists with disabilities, living and working in Alice Springs, Australia, formed in 2008. They have a healthy and vigorous fund-raising programme which allows them to continue their working practices, providing enormous support and guidance throughout the community.

From their Facebook group:

"Benefits for the adults that attend the CasArt program are numerous; including the acknowledgement of the rights of the individual to retain control over their own lives. These choices allow true self determination which results in client participants being empowered by their sense of achievement, worth and sense of community."

The show was done in conjunction with Spiral Sussex, another wonderful organisation which provides classes and workshops for adults with special needs here in Brighton (I did some art classes there several years ago), with volunteer models and helpers all mucking in and showing the gorgeous CasARTs range of clothes and textiles.

I had a fab assistant in Phoebe, and we created bold black eyeliner for all the models with a neutral eye, and then jewel-bright pigmented lips in purples, teals and coppers. Most people wanted the makeup for clubbing later!

I'd do this again in a heartbeat - it was so much fun! And, I have to say that the MUA range of makeup held up brilliantly under the hot lights of the stage, so thumbs up to them! CasART are coming back next year for a return show, and I'm definitely up for another evening's work. :)

Hugs and kisses,

Photos 1 - 7 copyright Strat Mastoris, photos 8 - 13 copyright Georgina Ragazza

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