My sister Victoria came into the world in January 1987, 23 years after me, and about a year or so after I'd left home. Mum's first marriage - me. Mum's second marriage - Victoria. Just her and me. And we are absolutely without a shadow of a doubt sisters (we talk about boys and fight in front of our mum!), we've just never grown up together or had that extended period of girlie time. In many ways, it's like we're both only children - but sisters. ;)

Thanks to the Internet, I get to do all the Big Sister Advice Stuff that I never had a chance to do before - and this is how Makeup Tips for My Sister came about... she never got to steal my eyeliner, or experiment with my lipstick, or borrow my favourite eyeshadow, but now I get to help her along with the stuff that I've learned along the way. Just like a Big Sister should. :)

MT4MS is also for the smart and sassy woman on a shoestring budget - she wants to look good at any age, but is indifferent to celebrities and confused by trends. She wants maximum impact for minimum time and money, and she likes the old way of doing things with the ease of modern makeup. She wants to know why and how and who it's for, and what she can learn and apply to other looks.

So, for my own special, number 1, original Victoria and all the other Victorias out there - here's how to play with makeup xx :)

Hugs and kisses,

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