Drawing the Perfect Natural Eye Brow

Hi Tory,

My friend Mandi had a plea: if you either don't want to or don't feel confident in plucking your eye brows, how can you make them look good?

it's all a question of polish and delicacy

It's all a question of polish and delicacy. You don't want to end up with Scouse Brow, so take your time and go gently. You really only need to fill in the bits that need help - don't just draw the whole eye brow in.

Most companies do brow kits now - some with built in brow gel, but you can just as easily use a clear mascara as a gel. You also want to look out for brow shadows that are somewhat grey in tone rather than red. (Back in the day, women would use regular drawing pencils for their brows as it had the perfect cool grey tone.)

I'd always recommend a shadow over a pencil to fill in the brow - it's much softer - reserving the eye brow pencil to draw in fine little hairs for texture. Be gentle!/p>

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