Review: Barry M Nail Art Pens

Hi Tory,

I'm always trying new ways with nail art, from pin heads to old pens, from dotting tools to sellotape. When I heard that Barry M were launching a mini range of nail art pens, I knew I just had to go out and try them. So here's the skinny!

the problem I've always had with conventional nail art pens is their construction

The problem I've always had with conventional nail art pens is their construction: a squeezable plastic body filled with polish that dispenses through a hollow "needle". I find these incredibly fiddly and difficult to control. The Barry M pens are a hard plastic nib that acts like a felt pen so you can actually draw as you would normally but with nail polish rather than sharpies or acrylic paint.

The range is currently four colours: black, white, hot pink and silver, contains 3ml of product and retails for £4.99. I had no problem getting the polish to flow, and managed a crisp and precise line each time. You do need a clear top coat as the polish itself is not very stable and will rub off, and bear in mind that the line is relatively fine if you want to do more chunky work.


I'd like to see a wider range of colours - gold, anyone? - and hope that they expand! For the price of a polish (and their polishes are good) you get a world of art at your fingertips. Really pleased with this pen - I'm going back for the full set and can't wait to get started on some tutorials!

One More Thing...

  • Comes in 4 different colours
  • Available on the Superdrug website here
  • 3ml of product in each wand
  • Retails at £4.99

Hugs and kisses,

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