Decanting Cream Foundations

Hi Tory,

When I first bought Benefit's Some Kinda Gorgeous cream foundation, I'll admit that I wasn't a fan. I'm used to liquid foundations and somehow my usual tools just didn't work with the new texture. And the foundation is in the higher price range, which meant that I'd wasted money big-time. But then I got the beauty blender sponge and the cream foundation made sense. Then I fell in love with it... until it began to run out, leaving a thin little line of foundation around the edges that tools, fingers and sponges just could not reach. I needed a nifty solution!

then it hit me - eye shadow pans are perfect!

The foundation is on a shallow, thin pan, which enables you to pick up the product evenly. I figured that I'd need something similar, just in a smaller format. Then it hit me - eye shadow pans are perfect! I grabbed an MUA one (which is only £1) - you can decant the shadow for later use as a nail polish, giving you two projects for the price of one. Don't say I'm not generous!

  • You'll need a clean, dry and empty shadow pan - you don't want any pesky bits of shadow all over your face! I cleaned mine out with a bunch of makeup wipes and then left it to air dry. You'll also need a scraping tool (I used a metal cuticle stick) and a relatively flat knife.
  • Scrape as much of the product out as you can - really get into the sides and grooves
  • Transfer the product into the smaller eye shadow pan - I found that it helped to use the knife as an additional scraper and went back and forth between the two... product off with the cuticle tool, excess off the cuticle tool with the knife
  • Then use the knife to very gently smooth out the product in the new pan - try and keep the concentration in the middle
  • If you have a large amount of product in the new pan, you can also gently heat the knife and use that to smooth over the top of the foundation to make everything neat and tidy. All done!

Hugs and kisses,

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