Putting on False Lashes: Part Two

Hi Tory,

Here's the concluding part of how to put on false eye lashes. I had a fabulous response to the first one, so now we can get really glamorous with some demi lashes and some full strip ones too. We're using the same budget lashes that we were using in the first tutorial, so pick up the ones that you put to one side along with your tools and let's get started!

  • Invest in some overlocker tweezers - you will have loads more control that way
  • Invest in some tube glue - the little vials you get with lashes are far too fiddly and messy
  • Start off practising on lashes that have either very thin or invisible lash bands - these are far more flexible and easier to work with
  • Measure everthing to fit
  • Practice with small sections of lashes first, work up to demi lashes and then you will feel a lot more confident with a full strip of lashes
  • Keep practicing!

Hugs and kisses,

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