Tip: Straightening Eye Lashes

Hi Tory,

I have ridiculously curled eye lashes on my right eye. This is something you'd think would be a boon - no eye lash curlers! - but they are pretty much flat against my eye lid. This means that anything from drawing a neat eye line, to putting on mascara, to putting on false eye lashes is difficult if not downright impossible. And there are loads of tutorials out there on how to curl your eye lashes and make them flirty and cute but practically zero on how to do the complete opposite. I looked, believe me.

the basic principle of the technique is the same as when you straighten your hair

Now normally I do the tips section as photo instructions but this little techniques really needs me to get up close and personal with you, hence the video. The basic principle of the technique is the same as when you straighten your hair - you use some kind of protective fluid (clear mascara in this case), an instrument, and some heat. Now one caveat: this doesn't last for a long time, but gives you just enough wiggle room to get your liner and your lashes on. By the time your real lashes have curled back up, the makeup is in place, so you're good to go. Hope this helps!

  • Coat your lashes with clear mascara (I used MUA's basic mascara, which costs £1)
  • Gently heat a spoolie with a hairdryer until it's warm
  • Test the temperature of the spoolie on your wrist
  • Place a tissue on your under eye area to protect your skin from the heat
  • Comb the spoolie down through your lashes until they're straight

Hugs and kisses,

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