Custom Nail Polishes

Hi Tory,

Sometimes you end up with shadows that you never use, or you use and then don't like, or you find ones in the bargain bins that cost pennies but are shattered beyond repair.

the beauty of making your own polishes is that you can use any colour

The colours are really pretty but you can't find a use for them... well now you can! I picked up a totally destroyed MUA shadow in a gorgeous duotone purple for just 10p, and used half a bottle of MUA's clear gloss, which was just £1 - fab!


The beauty of making your own polishes is that you can use any colour and you can mix colours to make custom blends - you can even add in a bit of glitter to make a Frankenpolish.

Keep it at a 50/50 ratio of shadow to clear polish and make sure that you shake it up thoroughly. You'll probably need to put a coat of clear gloss over the top as shadows tend to come out matte, and always give it a little shake each time you use it as the pigment will probably settle. Have fun!


  • Break up your chosen shadow so that it's pretty much pulverised and powdered - you don't want it to have any big lumps
  • Keep the ratio at half a bottle of polish filled up with shadow
  • Use a paper cone so that you don't end up with eye shadow all over the table (like I did here!)
  • Gently tap all of your chosen shadow into the half bottle of clear polish and shake the crap out of it! Put on some RuPaul and go nuts - you want it to be thoroughly mixed!
  • Paint your nails - you can keep it matte or put on a coat of clear gloss like I did here, which also helps to protect it. Try experimenting with coloured shadow in coloured gloss... add glitter... the sky's the limit!

Products Used

  • MUA Single Pearl Shadow in Shade 10
  • MUA Nail Polish in Shade Clear
  • Prices based on what I paid for the whole look from scratch, and correct at the time of posting

Hugs and kisses,

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