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Hi Tory,

I took a week off from blogging so that I could work on a painting that had a scarily looming deadline, and that was fine and dandy. Redecorated the kitchen as well, jolly good, chilled out a bit over the weekend, and set my alarm for bright and early this morning so that I could get back to my blogging schedule. I had plans. Big plans. A nice little review today of the Maybelline Color Tattoo Gels... some videos... a DIY tutorial. All good stuff.

First of all, my alarm did not go off. Well... truthfully, it did go off but in my blurry sleepy haze I somehow managed to hit dismiss instead of snooze and then sat bolt upright in bed abruptly two hours after I was supposed to be getting out of bed. A pot of coffee later and I still wasn't awake. Nevertheless, I dragged myself out of the house wearing fifteen separate layers of wool because it is Arctic here, as I had giveaway goodies to buy and photographs to take, and on and on.

I got all the way into town... and I'd forgotten my camera. No camera to take pictures of the thing I was supposed to be reviewing today. I forged on regardless - I had giveaway goodies to buy. The store was out of one of the products with no viable replacement... I had to go to another branch on the other side of town. The clock is now ticking down ominously and I haven't even started any blogging.

By the time I got home, I was frozen, exhausted and really REALLY grumpy. I have no review photos. My feet hurt. My head is so cold that I can't concentrate properly. I am a bag of moaning grumpiness.

I could carry on and do a rubbish job of everything, but that doesn't sit well with me. Instead, I'm going to sit down for a bit and gather myself together and if everything is a day late... it's a day late. I'm sure that you understand! I'd much rather be useful and funny and interesting, than grumpy and whinging and whiny. Cake will be ingested...

Hugs and kisses,

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