Chickpea Review: Collection Lasting Colour

Hi Tory,

The Collection 2000 range has always been a bit of a winner with me - a fresh and funky collection of really affordable products that updates fairly regularly.

affordable, pigmented, long lasting

I've raved often about their Glam Crystals, and love their gel liners as well. This is the first time I'd bought one of their lipsticks and chose Shade 1, Queen of Hearts, from their Lasting Colour line - a gorgeous retro red. For a budget lipstick it goes on extremely well with a fabulous amount of pigment that's true to the bullet.


And it lasts! It almost has a slight staining quality to it and really does stay on. The only downside is a hint of tackiness to the texture, an almost plastic feel, but this gets more comfortable as the day goes on, and could perhaps be counteracted by a lip balm underneath.

All in all it gets a massive thumbs-up from me - affordable, pigmented, long-lasting. A winner!

  • Comfort: 2/5
  • Longevity: 4/5
  • Pigment: 5/5
  • Four Chickpeas out of Five!

One More Thing...

  • Comes in 11 different colours
  • Available on the Boots website here
  • SPF15

Hugs and kisses,

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