April/May Annie Haul!

Hi Tory,

It's time for a mini haul - and this time I thought I'd do it in a pictorial style with some quick notes and links - enjoy!

This is a before shot to show you the condition that some of the half-price, damaged palettes were in when I bought them... applied the surgical spirit trick and got myself several bargains. (Yes, some of the shadows are missing - but half price is half price!)

Here's the after shot of the MUA Professional Palette in Starry Night, Sleek i-Divine Palettes in 658 Oh So Special, and 596 Bad Girl. All half price!

Two Collection 2000 Eye Definer Lasting Colour wands in Black and Brown - both are fantastic for tight lining and waterlining as they go on smoothly and don't shift, smudge, smear or dissolve.

I'm a sucker for gel liners, particularly coloured ones, as you can do some really outstanding smoky eye work using a gel liner as a base, so I was pleased to find that Collection 2000 have started doing ones in gold and this gorgeous teal - expect some tutorials!

I also FINALLY succumbed to e.l.f. and got the medium and the dark Complete Coverage Concealer sets, the Professional Blending Eye Brush, and the Professional Smudge Eye Sponge (plus a Daler Rowney art brush for some push eyeliner work - another tutorial to follow...!).

And finally... I've decided to go back to purple with my hair again, so I got a streaking kit from Superdrug. After two weeks of persistent health issues, I figured it was groovy cheering up time. Yay!

Hugs and kisses,


  1. So pretty! The packaging especially is just too cute.

    1. You know, I was not expecting the E.L.F. packaging to be as good as it is - I'm seriously impressed with the company and wonder why it took me so long to get on board!


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