Review: MUA Lip Boom

Hi Tory,

I'm a little late to the MUA Professional Range Lip Boom party, but I bagged two over the weekend and figured that it was high time to review them!

MUA Lip Boom are a range of 8 fashion shade lipsticks created by singer Alexandra Burke in conjunction with the MUA team. The double-ended container has a matte lipstick on one end and a coordinating glossy highlighter on the other, with the potential to create four different looks from a product that retails for only £4.

The four looks are as follows:

  • The lipstick on its own
  • The lipstick with the gloss as a central and cupid's bow highlighter
  • The lipstick with the gloss worn all over for high sheen
  • The lipgloss on its own

So far, so good!

Now, out of the entire MUA range, the lipsticks have always been my least favourite - I find the texture a little too gritty and have never been able to get the secret matching lipgloss part of the container open. But I have to say that the Lip Boom lipsticks are really good. They go on smooth, last for a long time, are really nice matte textures and have a high pigmentation. I went for two shades: Bring It, a dark coral red, and LMK, a gorgeous dark burgundy.

What I didn't like so much were the coordinating glosses. They have HUGE pieces of glitter in them so they feel overly clumpy and scratchy on the lips and the gloss part dilutes the lipstick too much. Even worn on their own they're just too gritty for me, which is a shame. What I did experiment with was putting them in other places - as cheek highlighters and so on, and they seem to work better like that, so all is not lost. Even as a stand alone lipstick, £4 is still a really good price for the product, so I'm quite happy to keep buying them for that reason only. They also smell GORGEOUS!

The 8 different shades are:

  • It's a Situation - a dark rose
  • LMK (Let Me Know) - a dark burgundy
  • OK.com - a nude
  • Vibe - a toffee
  • Cheeky - a baby pink
  • Doing Good - a coral
  • OMG - a kind of coral pink
  • Bring It - a dark coral red

What do you think of them?

Hugs and kisses,

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