Biba, Biba, BIBA!

Hi Tory,

Anyone who knows us will know that we are both OBSESSED with Biba - the brand launched as a mail order company by Barbara Hulanicki in the mid-60s, which went on to be the world's first lifestyle brand in the early 70s.

Biba introduced the world to black lipstick and green eyeshadow and purple nails

Biba introduced the makeup world to black lipstick and green eyeshadow and purple nails, with a highly pigmented palette encompassing all the colours of the rainbow. Barbara was a Polish-born fashion student, whose passion for the glamour and smoky style of Hollywood in the 30s, coupled with her desire to provide affordable High Street fashion, made her a much-loved icon. Her influence can still be seen today in everything from catwalk shows to interior design to street style.

Biba eventually went bankrupt in 1975 following a downturn in the British economy, and Barbara moved to Miami to become an influential interior designer. Her muted, sludgy palette of aubergines, berries, chocolates and mustards is still a huge hit, and this will be my take on the classic Biba look.

For more about Biba with some pictures and links, here's an article I wrote a couple of years ago:
Places and Spaces: Big Biba

Tutorial coming next week!

Hugs and kisses,

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