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Hi Tory,

all I can think about at the moment is sludgy palettes and autumn leaves

There are masses of Biba posters all around town for the exhibition. You have to come down and see it with me, or I shall have to come up to London and drag you back down on the train. Seriously.

So I've had a lot of Sarah Moon haziness to look at, and the weather is getting a wee bit greyer and a wee bit chillier, so all I can think about at the moment is sludgy palettes and autumn leaves. (Mum and I went in to Big Biba at Derry and Tom's in the 70s. Mum says we didn't but I'd lay good money out that there were absolutely categorically no other shops in London at the time with Art Deco interiors and that much purple and brown going on. We were there. I know this to be true.)

And I wanted to do something with gel liner as a smudgy base, and I'd just recently picked up this rather gorgeous little MUA one that's a lovely dark chocolatey brown with some copper sparkles in it... so I started thinking of browns and coppers and khakis and berries... and here we are. You could probably fuzz it out even more and add some spiky false lashes if you really wanted to rock that King's Road in the Seventies vibe. I think that everyone should rock that vibe at least once a year - now is the time! I have decreed it!

Products Used

  • MUA Gel Eye Liner in On The Move
  • Beauty UK Eye Palette in #4
  • Collection 2000 Eye Definer in Brown
  • MUA Mascara in Shade 4
  • MUA Bronzer in Shade 2
  • 2True Glossywear Lipstick in Shade 10
  • Total Cost = £11.97

Hugs and kisses,

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