How to Get Fuller Lips

Hi Tory,

there's a theory in economics called the lipstick factor

One thing I've always admired about you is your ability to rock a lipstick.

You have this amazing collection of corals and reds and pinks, and even when you couldn't wear eye shadow because your eyes were a bit sensitive, you still had a splash of fabulous colour on your lips and it really does make you look polished. Funny isn't it?

There's a theory in economics called The Lipstick Factor - no matter how the economy is doing, women still go out and buy some lippie. When the economy is depressed, you need cheering up with a splash of colour. When the economy is booming, you want to go out and treat your self to a new shade. It's the only cosmetic product that never suffers in a recession. True fact.

And there's the whole mania for collagen and fillers and goodness knows what else to give you that perfect pout - whatever that is - but I hate needles and I'm not into putting gunk inside my face, so I decided to do a little tutorial to enhance nature in a kinder, yet still impactful way. You can see that on a middle-aged old bird who smokes, I still manage to end up with a decent pout, so if it works for me, imagine what it could do for everyone else, right?

It's a clever little technique that works on artistic principles - dark colours recede, light colours advance. Shade the corners of your lips in a darker colour, shine up the fleshy parts with the lighter one, and suddenly your lips look plump and luscious. You can do it with any colour as well, just as long as the outer corners are about two shades darker than the lipstick - it even works with nude shades. I don't believe in the knife - unless it's for putting marmite on my toast - but I do believe in a little tweaking with the makeup box of tricks. Go and pout for Britain!

Products Used

  • MUA Lip Boom in Bring It!
  • MUA Intense Kisses in Stolen Kisses
  • Elite Lip Pencil in Dark Brown - now discontinued. A good match is MUA Lip Liner in Brooding Plum.
  • Total Cost = £6.00

Hugs and kisses,

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