Using Gel Liner as a Base

Hi Tory,

I've always been obsessed by elizabeth taylor

While I was getting ready to do this tutorial I sat looking at one of the pots of gel liner (as you do) and thinking back to when I first started dibbing and dabbing makeup on my face.

Kohl liner was the thing - I mean, really The Thing. I was fascinated by it. I've always been obsessed by Elizabeth Taylor, so the whole Cleopatra thing loomed large in my consciousness, but suddenly there was this stick of black joy that made your eyes look dangerous and edgy. It was the time of Punk, and then the New Romantics kicked in (or flounced in really) and I was away with the fairies. It smudged all over the place and lasted about two seconds but it was pretty hot stuff.

And I was thinking all this as I sat gazing at the gel liner and pondered: "If kohl was amazing, I probably would have spontaneously combusted with gel liner." It really is quite incredible stuff. You can line with it, smudge with it, put it under shadow as a base, line your lips with it, do face art with it. And it doesn't budge or crease or smudge or end up on the pillow after a hard night's gigging and drinking. (I don't do the latter very much any more. I wear a lot of eye liner though.) So think of this tutorial as my inner teenage self spontaneously combusting somewhere with joy at the endless possibility a small pot of colour can bring. Although, on balance, that pretty much covers ALL cosmetics and makeup. Heigh ho.

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