How to Make a MUA Eyeshadow Palette

Hi Tory,

There are 31 individual eyeshadows in the MUA range, and they take up an awful lot of room - plus it's really difficult to find the exact shade that you're looking for when they're all jumbled up in a box. Inspired by a whole bunch of tutorials floating around the Internet, I managed to get the whole range into four empty CD cases, which means I can find everything when I need it and it takes up a lot less room!

What You'll Need

  • MUA individual shadows (or shadows of your choice)
  • there are 31 individual eyeshadows in the MUA range
  • empty CD cases
  • surgical spirit
  • a pipette
  • cotton pads or wool
  • a stanley knife or other thin sharp knife
  • plain white stickers
  • superglue

With an average CD case, you can comfortable fit nine shadows in with breathing space around them (you can probably fit more shadows in from other brands tho). Have fun arranging your collection!

Hugs and kisses,

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