Makeup Haul: Lips, Blushes and Brushes

Hi Tory,

I'm renaming this one the albert hall video

Normally, I do a makeup haul once a month - my semi-legendary Annie Hall videos that have a small assortment of bits and bobs that I've acquired along the way. What with one thing and another I haven't made an Annie Hall video for a while, nor even a Daryl Hall video (which is when it's bigger than a small assortment but not huge).

Many months have passed and it's become so big and so pressing that I do this, that I'm renaming this one the Albert Hall video. Some of the bits and pieces have appeared in tutorials but I didn't have a chance to talk about them, and some of them will be appearing in future tutorials, just to whet your appetite. It's in three parts tho' - you might want to make a cup of tea...

Part Two coming next week, with eyeliners and eyeshadows!

Products Featured

  • MUA Professional Mozaic Bronzer in Natural Glow and MUA Professional Blush Perfection Cream Blusher in Yummy
  • Sleek Blush in Flamingo
  • 2True Crystal Lipgloss in No 3 and 2True Colour Drench Lipgloss in No 10
  • MUA Professional Lip Boom in Bring It and MUA Professional Intense Kisses in Stolen Kisses
  • NYC Lipstick in 410 Plum Rum
  • Barry M Lipgloss in No 9
  • Bloom Lip Definers in Trace and Outline, Lipstick in Deep Plum and Swing - no longer available
  • MAC Marilyn Monroe Collection Lipstick in Deeply Adored - this is Limited Edition
  • Samantha Chapman Real Techniques Brushes in Fine Liner, Setting, Stippling, and Blush
  • Boots No 7 brushes in Contour and Smoky Eye

Hugs and kisses,

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