Rihanna Nails: You Da One Video

Hi Tory,

let each layer get bone dry before doing the next one

You asked me to do a how to tutorial for Rihanna's sharp and spiky nails in the "You Da One" video, and I said yes... and that I was working on it... and that it would be up the following week... and that it would definitely be up the following week... and here it is. Finally. I hope you like it. ;)

One thing I noticed when I was researching the look in the video, is that there are actually two nail designs - both triangular, but one is black/white, and the other is black/white/grey. I found a million tutorials for the former but none for the latter, and to be honest, it's the more interesting look of the two. It's pretty straightforward to do as long as you let each layer get bone dry before doing the next one, and make sure that you pull the tape off as soon as you've put on the polish.

I'm also liking the Clockwork Orange look she's rocking in the video - you can never go wrong with spiky lashes and a bowler hat. And check out Canada's Next Top Model. Seriously.

Products Used

  • MUA Nail Polish in All Nude
  • MUA Nail Polish in Shade 2
  • Primark Nail Polish in Light Grey... this is probably no longer available as they tend to switch up their makeup pretty fast, so a good substitute is NYC's In a New York Color Minute in Prey of Grey
  • NYC In a New York Color Minute in Grand Central Station
  • Micropore or sellotape
  • Total Cost = £5.58
  • Prices based on what I paid for the whole look from scratch, and correct at the time of posting

Hugs and kisses,

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