Adele's Louboutin Grammy 2012 Nails

Hi Tory,

I didn't watch the Grammy's because I was frankly too busy watching the BAFTAS and coveting Meryl Streep's shoes, but the day after all the online beauty world was agog with pictures of Adele's rather fab Louboutin-inspired nails (to match her equally covetable shoes): colour on top, red underneath.

I was salivating. I went on YouTube to seek out tutorials - of which there were not as many as I'd expected, given that this is a 2009 trend.

colour on top, red underneath

It was??

Why did I not get that particular memo? If I had People, I'd fire them, quite frankly. But there it is, a trend that keeps on giving, and a rather gorgeous one it is too. I have pathetic nails at the moment so can't recreate it BUT I did find this rather helpful video showing how you can paint falsies in the same style. Boots, here I come!

Hugs and kisses,

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