MUA Innocence and Depth

Hi Tory!

Remember that video tutorial I did a while ago with the MUA Innocence trio of shadows? I was out shopping with my friend Tamsin at the weekend, after a nice long gossipy lunch... basically, she asked if I would help her pick out some new makeup, and it occurred to me that MUA single shade #12 (that perfect MAC blue/brown dupe!) would act as a great strengthener for the look.

make it a bit more 3D if you will

Not sure if I've gone into strengtheners with you BUT a little tip is to take a shadow that's darker than what you're working with and blend a tiny V shape at the outer corner of your eyelid and just underneath the eye to add depth to the shadows. Makes it a bit more 3D if you will.

So... Tamsin bought the Innocence trio, and the shade #12, and along with some lipsticks and glosses, Maybelline Great Lash in brown and a nail polish, she'd only spent £16. Not a bad day! Oh, one more tip - I always put a primer on my eyelid before patting on the more shimmery or metallic shades otherwise they tend to shift and crease over the course of the day.

Oh - and the Vegan Tiffin at the Mad Hatter in Brighton is fab. ;)

Hugs and kisses,

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