Ongoing Review: Coalface by Lush

Hi Tory,

This is going to be a series of videos and check-ins, as I'm trying out Lush's Coalface soap, which is supposed to be excellent for combination and congested skin. The main ingredient is activated charcoal, which reacts with things like oil and bacteria, and draws it out of the skin, so it'll be interesting to see what the condition of my skin is like as the weeks go by!

the main ingredient is activated charcoal

Here are all the specs for Coalface on the Lush website

Hugs and kisses,



  1. I shall be following your progress carefully, being the proud owner of a strawberry nose myself. Then, I'll have to make a trip to the UK to get coal soap cos it'll cost a bloody fortune to deliver to Greece.

    (Can't I just rub my face in the debris in the in-laws' fireplace?)

    1. I wouldn't recommend it!! :)

      The great thing about Lush is that even if you just go there to browse, you come out smelling like the shop, and it lingers for a good long while afterwards!

      I'm hoping I get some good results from this soap. :)


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