Review: False Lash Applicator

Hi Tory,

I've seen you getting more and more glamorous, and false lashes are just around the corner... They are a bit fiddly if you've never worked with them before, and practice really does make perfect. Some must-haves when you start out are:

practice really does make perfect
  • A good pair of tweezers with a slanted edge - Tweezerman if you can afford them, but both Boots and Superdrug do an excellent budget range. I'd invest in at least two pairs - one to place the lash and hold it steady, and the other pair to manipulate the edges.
  • Good lash glue - again, Duo Lash if you can afford it.
  • Start off with false lashes that have a thin, almost transparent band. When the band is thick, it's also very stiff and harder to wiggle and manipulate into place when you're practicing.

With that in mind, I decided to try out the false lash applicator - and there are a number of them on the market - just to see if that helps for starting out.... as you can see from the video, the answer is a very firm NO!

Guess I need to do a false lash application video, so that's now on my To Do list ;)

Hugs and kisses,


  1. If you are curious to learn the most effective eyelash growth products that you can find in the cosmetics world, the best thing that you can do is to look for eyelash reviews.

    1. Absolutely!
      I always look at user reviews before I go out and buy products, and look really carefully at all the pros and cons before making a purchasing decision. Thank you for visiting the blog BTW!

  2. Hi there! It's my first time here but i absolutely love this one. Great post from you!

    1. Thank you!!! Have you ever tried to use one of these applicators - is there a trick to it that I'm missing? I just could not get it to work! lol


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