The Fashion File by Janie Bryant

Hi Tory,

I am a MASSIVE fan of AMC's "Mad Men", the hit show set in an advertising agency in New York in the 1960s. If you haven't seen the show (where have you been?!?), it's notable not only for its compelling storylines, but also for the incredible attention to period detail - everything from cans of food through to clothes, hair, makeup and furniture is authentic and lovingly researched.

tons of vintage and retro tips for the modern wardrobe

So I was really excited to find that Janie Bryant, the award-winning costume designer who works on the show, had written a style bible with tons of vintage and retro tips for the modern wardrobe. It's gorgeous to look at as it's peppered throughout with her watercolour fashion illustrations, but also has a wealth of "Mad Men" tidbits to keep the fans happy.

Each chapter takes you through finding your personal style and building a capsule wardrobe, right through from shoes to clothes to makeup, and there are also handy tips on maintaining vintage pieces and tracking down key items.

I've got the hardback version (available from Amazon here), but you can also get a Kindle edition. It's definitely my purchase of the month!

Hugs and kisses,

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