A Simple French Manicure Trick

Hi Tory,

I trained for two years and then spent another two years working as a Beauty Therapist, and even I find French Manicures tricky to do, especially on the toes! You need a really steady hand to get the tips even with a nice, crisp line.

even I find french manicures tricky to do

So, after a lot of practice, and trial and error, here's a quick trick to help get those crisp tips for a beautiful French Manicure without all the fuss and muss - and all you need is a pack of hole reinforcers from a stationers.

If you want to do a contrasting tip over a coloured background, you need the base coat to be absolutely bone dry - I'd allow a good hour after painting to make sure that's the acrylic is totally dry and hard to the touch, or the sticky backing of the hole reinforcers will make a mess of your painting. You'll also need to put a good top coat over the finished manicure to keep it free from chipping.

Give it a go and you'll never have to worry about steady hands again!

Hugs and kisses,

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