Foundations for Light/Dark Skin Tones?

Hi Tory,

I have a couple of tutorials that I want to put out there involving foundations from the paler and darker ends of the colour spectrum... and you know that I try and use the more affordable brands wherever possible, which largely means drugstore and High Street brands. When mum started experimenting with makeup and I watched in the early to mid 70s, the choice was incredibly limited - namely beige. And about three shades of that, if you were lucky, in a very heavy panstick formulation.

the colour spectrum remains a thorn in the side of most women

Things have progressed in terms of texture and finish, but the colour spectrum remains a thorn in the side of most women - beige has never been and will never be the standard for skin tone. If you go to the upper ends of the price range, and look at companies like MAC and Illamsaqua, for example, there is a much greater range in skin tones, catering for everybody from the palest of porcelain to the darkest of ebony. At the moment, I'm researching foundations in the drugstore range, and will do a full post on that with swatches, but it's not very heartening reading.

So, as a kind of preamble, I wanted to enlist the help of all you lovely readers and viewers out there and find out what your experiences are like.

  • Are you mixing colours to get a match?
  • Do you find that you are forced to shop in the more expensive ranges?
  • Is there a High Street/drugstore brand that has out-performed itself for you?
  • What has been your experience with customer service?

I'm going to try and get this up, with swatches, next week, but any and all feedback is most gratefully appreciated - you can comment down below, or on the Facebook Page. Would love to hear from you all!

Hugs and kisses,

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