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Hi Tory,

Did you know that the Facebook Page for Makeup Tips for My Sister has a photo gallery? And did you also know that you can post pictures there of makeup and nail ideas that you'd like me to recreate? You can also leave comments either down below or on the Facebook Page itself (you have to like it first, of course!) and I'll do my best to get a video or blog post made for you lickety-split!

I have a Pinterest too, and I'm always adding interesting ideas to that for future tutorials or tips - if there's something that catches your eye, let me know about it!

did you know that the facebook page for makeup tips for my sister has a photo gallery?

One More Thing...

  • I still don't know how Google+ works. I'm connected to it, and people keep adding me, but I can't seem to post anything. Any ideas? Help!
  • I STILL can't find my Revlon lash glue...
  • The outer corner lashes of my right eye are permanently curled which makes eyeliner a nightmare - does anyone know how I can straighten them?
  • Currently making gelatine scars for a theatre show - my house smells so bad right now...
  • Also doing the makeup for a show set in the silent film 20s - five guys, five gals, all involved in show business so the makeup is so much fun to do!
  • I looked at the ticket prices for IMATS London and fell over... one day... one day...

Hugs and kisses,

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