Product Update: NYC Foundation

Hi Tory,

I recently wrote an unfavourable review of NYC's Smooth Skin Mousse Foundation - I didn't like the texture, couldn't get it to blend, wasn't impressed with the poor shade range... I ended up deeming it a not bad concealer, rather than a good foundation.

BUT - I don't like to give up on a product, especially when it has such a good price point and a fair amount of product.

I don't like to give up on a product, especially when it has such a good price point

I kept researching, knowing that air-whipped products behave in a particular way. It's sort of like whipping cream or butter or eggs - you want to keep the air and the lightness in, so stirring and a heavy hand destroys all the good work you've done getting a fluffy texture. It was with this in mind that I went back to the NYC foundation and kept scaling back on the amount of product. What I eventually ended up doing was three quick dabs of my Sam Chapman Real Techniques Expert Face Brush, and then working the area in circular motions. This amount of product covers:

  • one cheek area, OR
  • one half of the forehead, OR
  • the chin and mouth area, OR
  • the nose
So you end up using 18 of the merest dabs of product, which is not a huge amount. You do need to work it in with a firm but light hand, and only do one application. This is absolutely key I found - any more than one application and it starts to go cakey. If you need more coverage, you'll have to reach for the concealer. I'd say that the foundation gives a light to medium coverage, but applying it as above, it's actually really comfortable, and with a primer underneath it's really quite good as a foundation. And at only £3.99 for 14g of product, it won't hurt your pocket.

I'm still not happy about the lack of shades - you can choose from three and they are all in the fairly pale Caucasian range. Insert frowny face here.

Products Used

One More Thing...

  • How come MAC have used men like Jonny Weir in their campaigns... but they don't do male face charts?
  • I still can't find my Revlon lash glue...
  • Sorry for the lack of video yesterday... my Internet appeared to be on some sort of annual holiday...
  • Some Superdrugs are doing knock-down, dirt cheap sale prices on their TOWIE palettes, and the colours are not bad. If I can snag some I'll review 'em.
  • Hammersmith Primark does different nail polishes in different bottles - what's the T, divas??
  • I've found a better way to block out eyebrows - may do an updated tutorial!

Hugs and kisses,


  1. i love the REAL TECHNIQUES EXPERT FACE brush :)

    My Blog: Caught in a Daze.

    1. They're wonderful brushes, aren't they? I love being able to support Sam Chapman as well :) Which ones do you have?


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