What's in My Cosmetics Bag?

Hi Tory,

Every family dinner, you, me and Mum all get out our respective bags and handbags to do the reapplication of the lipstick ritual and it's always amazing to me how different women are when it comes to makeup storage. I used to be of the "throw in and never find it again variety" but I was stern with myself and finally invested in a cosmetics bag... and then I saw this tag going around YouTube and had to join in.

I try to keep the items in my cosmetics bag to a necessary minimum, working on the premise of touch-ups throughout the day, and a quick face if I stay over at a friend's house. At the moment my go-to lipstick is the MAC one, but in the summer it tends to be a nice bright lipgloss or even a tinted lip balm. You can always ring the changes according to the season and update your look.

I used to be of the "throw in and never find it again variety"

With the size of the bag, it's a good practice to avoid the bigger ones - that way you avoid the temptation to overfill with a bunch of products that you probably won't need on a daily basis, and it makes you really assess what you need, rather than what you want. Your shoulders will thank you!

Of course, the products here are just my own personal preference - you might find that a touch of powder and a lipstick is all you really need. Adapt it and tweak it and play with it for your own needs. Just know that you'll be able to find everything without doing the dreaded root canal thing!

Products Used

  • Boots Flower Cosmetics Bag (no longer available)
  • MUA Professional Eyebrow Kit
  • MUA Professional Mosaic Bronzer in Natural Glow
  • ELF Complete Coverage Concealer in Medium
  • Travalo Perfume Atomizer in Black
  • Samantha Chapman Real Techniques Setting Brush
  • Boots No 7 Contour Brush
  • MUA Professional Every Lash in Black
  • Collection 2000 Eye Definer in Black
  • Bloom Lip Pencil in Outline (discontinued)
  • Rimmel Soft Kohl in White
  • MAC Lipstick in Hug Me

One More Thing...

  • I would highly recommend trying out the fuller lip technique - loads of people have asked what fillers I'm using!
  • Does anyone want a tutorial on making theatrical prosthetics? Happy to do one!
  • MUA are expanding their professional range at a rate of knots - going to do some product reviews on those!
  • I'm thinking of doing a monthly awards for the best budget products - sound good?

Hugs and kisses,

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