New Schedule for 2013

Hi Tory,

Here we all are, back and hopefully fresh as a daisy from the recent festivities and chocolate gorging. I'm still tweaking and polishing the blog and the YouTube channel ready for a relaunch of sorts on February 2nd, so you'll notice little changes here and there as the weeks go by.

From now on I'm going to be posting daily with videos every Tuesday and Thursday - comments below and on the Facebook Page with your requests for tutorials, looks and how tos! So, full steam ahead and let's get on with 2013!

Are velvet nails really a thing? Weren't they last year?

One More Thing...

  • I finally found Illamasqua when I was in London over the holidays and it is beautiful - planning a trip up there again soon for some serious shopping
  • Still working on the post about foundations for the lighter and darker ends of the spectrum - I was hampered a bit by all the Christmas crowds, but it's calmer now
  • Are velvet nails really a thing? Weren't they last year?
  • The Pantone Colour of the Year is Emerald, so look out for green and more green on the High Street. Do I like the colour? Jury's out...
  • I found an old scrapbook of makeup ideas - FUN!
  • I'm auditioning to do make up for a theatrical production... NERVOUS!

Hugs and kisses,

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