A Fresher Makeup for Katharine

Hi Tory,

I had a message from the wonderful Katherine on the MT4MS Facebook page, where she mentioned that she was not a makeup person as such but still got a lot out of the videos and posts. I ran it by her that it might be fun to do more of a no-makeup makeup video and so here we are.

cream products are an absolute boon for non or new makeup wearers

The great thing about makeup is that you really can use as little as or as much as you want and adjust your look accordingly. You don't have to go from a fresh face routine to wearing a full face of makeup - in fact, wearing full foundation for the first time can be really uncomfortable if you're not used to it. Sometimes an approach like this is nice because you can start to dip your toes in the makeup waters and experiment quietly.


Like I say in the video - cream products are an absolute boon for non or new makeup wearers. They tend to be really comfortable to wear and extremely easy to use - no practising blending or making cut creases here!

Once you get used to products you can start branching out or building up - maybe adding a primer to the face, or working with stronger colours on the eyes. It's all about fun - so thank you Katherine!

Products Used

  • ELF Complete Coverage Concealer in Medium
  • NYC Smooth Loose Face Powder in Translucent
  • MUA Mascara in Clear
  • Maybelline 25HR Color Tattoo in On & On Bronze
  • MUA Single Eyeshadow in Shade #15
  • MUA Mascara in Black
  • MUA Blush Perfection Cream Blusher in Bittersweet
  • MUA Intense Kisses in Stolen Kisses
  • Prices based on what I paid for the whole look from scratch, and correct at the time of posting

Hugs and kisses,

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