Chickpea Review: Revlon Super Lustrous

Hi Tory,

I'm genuinely surprised that it took me so long to get around to not only buying a Revlon lipstick, but to actually even trying one. Established in 1932, Charles Revson's line of makeup (the "L" came from a partner) pretty much revolutionised the way women thought about cosmetics, and was the standard in drugstore makeup for a great many years.

revlon's line of makeup pretty much revolutionised the way women thought about cosmetics

I bought the shade Va Va Violet - a gorgeous rich deep purple burgundy colour - and at first glance it looks matte in the bullet, but goes on with a lovely glossy sheen. The first major plus point about it is how comfortable it is to wear - smooth and moisturising but not sticky or slippery.


The pigment is excellent as well - the colour that you see in the bullet is the colour that you get on the lips, but the longevity was so-so. I found that the outside half stayed put throughout the pitta-eating experience but the middle half wore down to a slight stain. In terms of after-dinner touch ups that seemed pretty good to me.

The Revlon lipstick is at the slightly more expensive end of affordable drugstore makeup, and even though I've rated it 50/50 in the photos (too much hummus!), I would give it a massive thumbs up recommendation for buying it. (And yes - it comes in the iconic Revlon Red too.)

  • Comfort: 5/5
  • Longevity: 3/5
  • Pigment: 4/5
  • Four Chickpeas out of Five!

One More Thing...

  • Comes in 27 different colours
  • Available on the Boots website here
  • The iconic Revlon line also includes the now legendary Revlon Red nail varnish - a patented colour that inspired Louboutin's equally iconic heels

Hugs and kisses,

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