Chickpea Review: Barry M Lip Lacquer

Hi Tory,

I properly got into pink lipstick the summer before last, having never been that much of a pink person before. (I'm usually more of a nude shade at one extreme vs. full on goth berries at the other.) It's an immensely flattering colour and when I saw the Barry M Lip Lacquer in this fabulously glitter hot pink, I knew I had to buy it.

you simply cannot be a shrinking violet when you wear this

It comes in a crayon stick and is insanely, fabulously glittery - you simply cannot be a shrinking violet when you wear this. What I was hoping for was that intense smudge of pigment and sparkle making its statement and then continuing to do so pretty much for the duration.


It was okay. There was a lot of transfer on to the pitta bread, leaving a fair amount of sheen and shimmer behind with glitter around the edges of my lips but an absence of anything in the absolute center. In terms of comfort it's quite tacky and obvious - I wouldn't say that it was the most comfortable thing in the world but if you're wearing something that full of intense glitter it's pretty much a given that it won't be especially soft or moisturizing on the lips.

Certainly if you're not eating then it'll be there all bold and beautiful (if a little plastic-feeling on the lips), and the colour really is a knockout. You'd probably have to retouch it at least once through the day and it might be worth wearing some sort of balm first to aid the comfort factor. Neither amazing nor terrible - but the colour makes me like it a lot.

  • Comfort: 3/5
  • Longevity: 3/5
  • Pigment: 5/5
  • Three (and a bit) Chickpeas out of Five!

One More Thing...

  • Comes in 5 different colours
  • Available on the Barry M website here
  • Barry M are renowned for their Glitter and Dazzle Dusts
  • Barry M were a breath of fresh air when they hit the high street in 1982 - I cherished my matte orange nail polish and used to scour the shops for new pigments. They've gone from strength to strength since then - I like to think I helped!

Hugs and kisses,

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