Putting on False Lashes: Part One

Hi Tory,

When I did beauty therapy at college, one of the most daunting things we trained on was applying false eye lashes (along with waxing - I still hate waxing other people, too much pain involved). Everyone is all fingers and thumbs, and the glue is weird, and you're afraid of poking yourself (or a client) in the eye...

false eye lashes can be a lovely finishing touch to your look

I'd been meaning to do a tutorial for the little fluttery things for ages, and just recently a request from Michelle popped up on the Facebook Page... so here we are.

False eye lashes can be a lovely finishing touch to your look, and they come in a bewildering range of shapes, sizes and styles, as well as human hair vs. synthetic, and even paper lashes too. There are three main types to look for: individual (which are tiny bundles of about three hairs), demis (these fit on the corner of your eyelid and give a flirty look), and full strips. Change the colours, add feathers and rhinestones, throw on some glitter... there are a lot of false lashes out there!

When you're starting out and practicing, grab the cheapest drugstore ones you can find - now is not the time to invest in some hand cut Shu Umura paper lashes! There are some things that will make your life a whole lot easier, and I do go through them in the handy-dandy video:

  • Invest in some overlocker tweezers - you will have loads more control that way
  • Invest in some tube glue - the little vials you get with lashes are far too fiddly and messy
  • Start off practising on lashes that have either very thin or invisible lash bands - these are far more flexible and easier to work with
  • Measure everthing to fit
  • Practice with small sections of lashes first, work up to demi lashes and then you will feel a lot more confident with a full strip of lashes
  • Keep practicing!

Hugs and kisses,

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