Tip: Blush Blend

Hi Tory,

Sometimes a makeup look just needs a little bit extra to pull it all together and make it look properly polished and complete. This is so quick and easy to do, doesn't need any extra makeup, and will make your face instantly warmer.

this is quick and easy to do and doesn't need any extra makeup

All you need is a bit of your blusher - but put it in the crease of your eye. It sounds weird, but taking an existing shade from your face and adding it into your eye makeup really ties everything together and doesn't disturb the colour scheme that you already have in place.

  • start off with your completed eye shadow in place and needing a little oomph
  • Take a fluffy blending brush and a little bit of the blusher you've already put on your cheeks
  • Blend the blusher in the crease with the brush half in to your makeup and half above it
  • Make sure that you blend it out so that you don't have any harsh lines
  • Polished, together and pretty!

Hugs and kisses,

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