Vaseline the Nail Spills!

Hi Tory,

The two painting areas of my life tend to overlap and spark off my creative juices and this is no exception. I was masking off some artwork using Vaseline recently and realised - why don't I do the same thing when I'm painting my nails?

the two painting areas of my life tend to overlap

You can get industrial sized tubs of the stuff from pound shops and you only need a little bit each time - much easier than using sticky tape when you're doing nail art!

  • Use a cuticle stick or similar tool to gently spread Vaseline over any exposed skin around your nail.
  • Don't be tempted to use cotton buds - you'll end up with fibres just waiting to catch the nail polish and mess it up!
  • Once your nails are dry, simply wipe the excess away with a cotton pad - no mess! No fuss! Clean, happy nails and soft skin.

Hugs and kisses,

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