Chickpea Review: 17 Lasting Fix Lipstick

Hi Tory,

Seventeen (formerly Boots 17) was launched in 1968 at the end of the Swinging Sixties to capture the independent and breezy teenage girl market. I certainly remember buying Seventeen products in the 80s when they consistently produced a confidently young line at affordable prices, something that they still do today. The Lasting Fix Lipstick line covers everything from workaday nudes to the broodingly gorgeous New Black, keeping them on trend but still a bargain.

I bought pink power for the summer months for a hot pop of colour

The sticker on the bottom of the bullet gives you a pretty good indication of the colour inside - useful for when you can't swatch the product before you buy. I initially bought Pink Power for the summer months for a hot pop of colour and it certainly delivers that! The pigment on this is fantastic - it's a blue-toned hot pink colour and you really do get what you see in the bullet when you put it on your lips with no sheering out or loss of intensity.

My testing criteria is that the lipstick goes on in one layer with no primer or lip pencil, and then I eat half a pitta bread with hummus to see how well the product lasts. I also take into account what the pigment is like, how comfortable it is to wear and so on. The Lasting Fix is a little cakey and heavy in texture, which I'd expect with a more matte lipstick, but this is a cream finish, and I could feel it starting to pool in the outer corners of my lips as I was eating.


I'd say that it was ever so slightly tacky, rather than moisturising, and I've had issues with that feeling as I've worn it throughout the day. Having said that, the staying power was fantastic with the pigment staying true - I'd probably be inclined to wear a primer or balm underneath just to up the comfort factor a bit, or maybe blot off the first coat to tone down the tackiness. It's not deeply unpleasant, just a bit sticky, so you could certainly work around that.

  • Comfort: 2/5
  • Longevity: 4/5
  • Pigment: 4/5
  • Three Chickpeas out of Five!

One More Thing...

  • Comes in 20 different colours
  • Available on the Boots 17 website here
  • One of four different lipstick textures that Seventeen do
  • New Black is a very popular shade - it's one of those where you have to buy it as soon as you see it because it WILL disappear!

Hugs and kisses,

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